Maurisa Potts

Marketing & Public Relations Strategist
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Have Your Marketing/PR Campaigns Been Spotted?

It’s time to “Be Discovered”.

Creating the right marketing and public relations strategy for your company is not just about clever campaigns and catchy phrases; its about a personalized strategy and purpose that is unique to your brand and goals for your business.  This is what inspired Maurisa Potts to leave the corporate world after 16 years of executive level marketing and launch in 2008 Spotted MP – a boutique marketing, public relations and event strategy firm that provides distinctively tailored and integrated marketing solutions for non-profits, small businesses, retail, economic development organizations and entrepreneurs.

Maurisa noticed that people were either experienced in marketing or experienced in public relations, but few were skilled in both.   And even fewer understood the importance of starting with a clearly crafted and defined strategy that was distinctive to the client.

As a highly respected marketing, public relations, event strategist in the Washington, D.C. area, Maurisa’s main goal is to increase her client’s brand capital in the marketplace by guaranteeing creative, distinctive, and forward-thinking campaigns.

What’s the story behind the name Spotted MP? While working on marketing initiatives, whether during her corporate days or with her own business, individuals would say “I saw that ad campaign”, or “I caught that story in the newspaper”, or “I noticed the coverage on an event”.  One night Maurisa was watching Access Hollywood and noticed the host frequently state that someone was “spotted on the red carpet”.  The word “Spotted” stuck with her as a catchy and creative way to translate the word “saw” or “noticed”.  Hence Spotted MP was born, with the MP not only standing for Maurisa’s initials, but for Marketing + Public Relations.  The goal of every good marketing and public relations effort is to be “Spotted” and “Be Discovered”.

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